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What Does A House Surveyor Look For During An Inspection?

what does a house surveyor look for

During a house inspection, your surveyor will conduct a thorough inspection of the property, both inside and outside, identifying any potential issues or concerns that may affect its value or safety.   In general, inside, they will check the roof, ceilings, walls, partitions, uncovered floors, fireplaces, chimney breasts and flues, staircases, woodwork and bathroom fittings.  Outside, they […]

Why Do Estate Agents Work With Surveyors?

estate agents work with surveyors

During every house sale, it is very usual for an estate agent to suggest speaking to a surveyor to arrange a survey of your potential new property. We caught up with Oliver Fish from Oliver & Co to find out why he works with surveyors. Oliver & Co was set up by Oliver Fish after working […]

How To Prepare Your House For Sale

How To Prepare Your House For Sale

Selling your house in the UK involves a series of preparations to ensure you present your property in the best light possible, maximising its appeal to potential buyers and securing the best possible sale price.  Here are 8 key steps to prepare your house for sale: Declutter and DepersonaliseThe first step is to make your […]

Can I Reduce My Offer On A House After A Survey?

reduce my offer on a house

You’ve put an offer on your dream property. It’s been accepted, everything is looking good.  Next step is having a survey done. You receive the surveyors report but it’s thrown up a few issues – is it within your rights to reduce your offer? In short, yes. Your offer remains ‘subject to contract’ (STC) and you […]

Why Having Expert Legal Advice Is Priceless

Laurus Law

You never know what is around the corner and therefore it is important to always have expert legal advice available to you. Laurus Law is definitely a company we would recommend, whether that be around your next property move, looking after your family or protecting your assets – they can help with all of these […]

What Is A Chartered Property Professional And How Can They Help You 

Stone Survey Ltd

When purchasing a property or even renovating a property, having professionals on hand to gain advice can be invaluable. I work with a number of property professionals and this month we caught up with Davenport Associates – a niche firm of chartered property professionals, specialising in the prime residential market, to find out how they […]

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Surveyor

choosing the best surveyor

You’ve found your dream house and had your offer accepted. It’s now time to make sure the biggest purchase you’ll ever make is as safe an investment as it can be. Here are our 5 tips to choosing the best surveyor, making sure the property you’re set to buy isn’t riddled with problems. Tip 1:  Get personal recommendations […]

Flooding 101: What You Need To Know


Flooding can be dangerous and can happen very quickly. Risks differ around the country depending on geographical features, weather patterns and human activities. It occurs from the natural processes of heavy rain, tidal surges and raised groundwater levels, amongst others. South East and London This region is vulnerable to various types of flooding, including: River […]

Spring Cleaning Your Home Inside and Out in 2024

spring cleaning

As the first blossoms of spring bring colour back to the world, it’s time to shake off the dust of winter and refresh our homes.  Spring cleaning in 2024 isn’t just about clearing clutter and wiping away winter’s grime; it’s about ensuring our homes are safe, efficient, and ready for the year ahead. Interior Cleaning: […]

3 Things To Check When Choosing An Estate Agent

estate agents

Selling a house can be a tricky process. It’s important to find an estate agent who understands your requirements, is efficient and that you get on. Here are three things to research when choosing an agent. Have they a proven track record? Invite three estate agents to value your property How will they market your […]