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As a seasoned professional, I hold RICS accreditation and specialise in customising services to meet your unique needs. My expertise extends to conducting property inspections, spanning from structures dating back to 900 A.D. to contemporary ones. I possess extensive experience in assessing Grade I and Grade II listed properties, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their unique characteristics and requirements.

RICS Surveyor

Surveyor Services

A Full Building Survey (previously known as a Structural Survey) is a detailed inspection of properties including; houses, bungalows, converted and purpose built flats, warehouse, shops, factories, leisure facilities and offices.
Modern mansions, country estates, traditional family homes and penthouses all require differing skillsets and I am experienced in all types of property in the UK and beyond.
Imagine being able to view properties from a whole new perspective – from the comfort of a helicopter. The concept of viewing property by helicopter offers a unique, effective and exciting way to explore potential real estate opportunities.
A RICS Survey is quite simply an economy report for properties such as purpose built and converted flats, houses, bungalows and maisonettes, and will confirm any urgent or significant defect with a valuation using a traffic-light system.
A Specific Defect Report is a detailed inspection on a specific element of the property which can include both a commercial and residential element investigating and reporting in depth on specific elements of the properties.
Newly-built or converted properties are known for minor defects or “snags” caused by poor workmanship or equipment. A snagging survey also known as snagging list or snagging inspection is a report prepared prior to completion. The purpose of a snagging list is to identify defects in your home for your house builder to fix.
A Schedule of Condition is an accurate record of the condition of a property at the start of a lease term. This will assist you, the Tenant’s repairing liability or assist the Landlord in pursuit of reinstating the premises and / or a dilapidation claim at the end of the lease term.

FREE Advice

FREE advice prior to making an offer and even prior
to viewing a property.

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FREE Pre-Purchase Property Advice

I can provide you with FREE advice prior to making an offer and even prior to viewing a property. Many clients find this to be an invaluable service that can assist them from the beginning. This can help you now in making sure that you do not overpay for your property at the start.

Additionally if you have a surveyor on board prior to making an offer, this shows the sellers and the agents that you are a serious buyer and your offers will be taken more seriously.

Save time and money now with a free consultation and be given the opportunity to negotiate now to protect your self against, unwanted shocks and surprises.

I look forward to hearing from you.