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Why Working With A Great Mortgage Broker Is Key

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Why Working With A Great Mortgage Broker Is Key

Meeting with many clients on a weekly basis, I hear all sorts of stories about the property purchasing process. One of my key pieces of advice is to find a good, experienced mortgage broker. I regularly work with West End Financial, specifically Jolyon Davis, to help a few of their clients with surveys and also recommend their services to my clients. I caught up with him last week to find out more about why working with a great mortgage broker is key. 

Jolyon started as a mortgage adviser back in 2005 and set up West End Mortgages in 2013 and this has evolved to West End Financial. His main reason for becoming a mortgage adviser was that he realised that many financial advisers did not offer mortgage advice back in 2005 so there was a gap in the market. 

We offer a very personal and bespoke service at West End Financial and hold our client’s hand throughout the entire process. Our vast experience of property, clients, and ancillary services (Solicitors, Surveyors, Insurers, Accountants etc,) means that we can bring issues to the attention of clients so that they are able to make informed choices at every juncture. I think that the difference between us and other broker firms is the very personal service we offer and the fact that we have no agenda which makes the client know that we have their interests at heart. This is certainly the sort of comments we see in our clients’ service reviews.

Jolyon Davis, West End Financial.

Jolyon works hard to build strong connections with specialists in other areas such as myself at Stone Survey. It allows him to offer a wider perspective when helping clients and allows the opportunity to introduce the client to the appropriate person should the client require it. “It is possible through myself and my connections for a client to have the property sourced (to a specific wish list), surveyed, conveyanced, mortgaged and insured and even then, subsequently let,” says Jolyon. 

We work on a regular basis with West End Financial to provide their clients with property condition surveys. “Steve and I meet on a regular basis to keep our relationship fresh and strong and keep informed of each other’s industry and any challenges we are facing. When my clients decide to instruct Steve, he will always let me know if there are any problems with the property that might be a reason for my clients to not proceed and I know that he always puts himself out there for my clients to talk through his findings on a one-to-one basis and offer them guidance. With this knowledge, I can identify where a lender might be concerned with the findings, and we can close this off before anything is formalised. This means that we can provide a quick, efficient service with the client at the centre of our work,” says Jolyon. 

Working closely with mortgage brokers like Jolyon can mean the difference between his client winning the mortgage acceptance offer or not. I always try to provide my survey appointments as soon as possible so not to slow down the process and show early commitment to the purchase. 

Working with Steve provides my clients with additional control with timings of survey booking and survey receipt to keep estate agents and vendors happy. They are generally the ones that call the shots and apply pressure in the early stages of the purchase. Working with a surveyor like Steve means that all the information is received on time, which in turn means happy clients.

Jolyon Davis.

Three tips from Jolyon, for people looking to obtain a mortgage on a property in London: 

  1. Check your Credit Report (not just your credit score).  Most lenders will access your credit file to determine if you are a safe bet to lend to and invariably these credit files are inaccurate and incomplete. Optimising these before any mortgage application will mean that there should be no nasty surprises.
  2. When you are making a mortgage offer on a property, go armed with the details of a good broker like West End Financial and a good solicitor. This will demonstrate to the agent that you have done your homework and are therefore more likely to progress well and quickly compared to others who haven’t.
  3. There are many Leasehold properties in London. Share of Freehold is not Freehold – it still has an underlying lease term. For any Leasehold purchase check the remaining lease term and the Service Charge and Ground Rent figures ASAP and present them to your broker. Short leases (less than 90 years, for example) and rapidly increasing Service Charge and or Ground Rent will put off many lenders.

If you would like any additional information about West End Financial or to make contact, please visit their website and if you would like to speak to me regarding an appointment for a survey, please get in touch

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