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Why Do Estate Agents Work With Surveyors?

estate agents work with surveyors

Why Do Estate Agents Work With Surveyors?

During every house sale, it is very usual for an estate agent to suggest speaking to a surveyor to arrange a survey of your potential new property. We caught up with Oliver Fish from Oliver & Co to find out why he works with surveyors.

Oliver & Co was set up by Oliver Fish after working in the property for 22 years. He had worked for ten different estate agencies (corporate, independent and boutique) in London over the years and thought it was time he set up on his own.  

“At Oliver & Co, we focus purely on the sale and acquisition of luxury residential property in Prime Central London. No rentals or management or mortgages or anything else that might distract us from getting our clients homes sold or purchased,” says Oliver Fish. 

The estate agency has a team of very experience multilingual sales brokers who take ownership of each client making sure they have a smooth and personal services from start to finish. The agency uses proactive strategies to sell properties and search the whole of the market, whether the property is listed or not. 

Stone Survey Ltd

“Having relationships with trusted professionals is priceless. Most of our clients are very busy, cash rich and time poor and they like that we have a network of go-to professionals that are reliable, efficient and most importantly helpful. When a property transaction is going through there can be a lot of stress and emotions, so it’s vital to have reliable and trusted professionals around you to keep the process as smooth as possible,”says Oliver. 

Why do estate agents work with surveyors?

Oliver works closely with Steve Stone at Stone Survey and recommends that his clients use his surveying services. “We recently agreed a sale on a very prestigious apartment in Regents Park where we were on a very tight timeline to exchange contracts. Steve was able to conduct his survey at short notice and was able to give the purchasers peace of mind on a few concerns they had which helped them to feel comfortable and me to keep the deal together,” says Oliver.

When high net-worth individuals are buying a property and investing large amounts of money they need to know what they are buying. 

“If a property has cosmetic problems, then these are easy to rectify but when there are problems that you can’t see such as structural issues, subsidence and damp then these need to be highlighted. Steve always spots these for you before clients have committed to any sales and advises the best way to fix these problems. Knowledge is power and by having a survey carried out will allow you to have the necessary knowledge to make a sensible decision,” says Oliver.   

Stone Survey Ltd

Oliver’s top tips for people looking to purchase a luxury property in London: 

  1. Use an experienced estate agent. They will make sure you get to see all the suitable properties on and off the market and will be able to help guide you smoothly through the entire purchasing process. 
  2. If you love a property just pay the price. I have lost many deals over the years because buyers wouldn’t increase their offers to an acceptable level only for them to regret it years later when the property is worth considerably more money and that small amount, they were trying to save then looks irrelevant.
  3. Be flexible. Of course, set your “Must Haves” and “Mustn’t haves” to give you focus and direction on your search but once you see something you like, and it ticks most of your boxes be prepared to be flexible. Remember that no property is perfect, and everyone needs to make some compromises when choosing a home.

If you would like more information about Oliver & Co and the services, they provide please visit their website here

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