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What Should I Look For When Checking My Gutters and Roof?

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What Should I Look For When Checking My Gutters and Roof?

January is a time when you should think about your roof and make annual checks to ensure it is doing its job. We caught up with Sam’s Gutters & Roofs to find out exactly what you should looking for in your annual check and asked them some burning questions around how to look after your gutters and roofs. 

Sam’s Gutters & Roofs provide a safe and professional repair, clears and replacement service for roofs and roof-lines. They also advise clients about the conditions above their heads, that are hard to see. They look at reactive and preventative work and provide full details and photographs for reassurance. Their aim is to change the reputation of the roofing industry by being fair and honest and ensuring that their clients become lifelong customers because they trust them.

What should people do to check if their roof is up to a certain standard? 

With the layering on our roofs, it can take some time to realise that your roof-line or roof is failing. Annual checks are important and can be carried out at the same time as your annual or bi-annual gutter clears. Gutter maintenance is frequently overlooked, when gutters are necessary to direct the rainwater away from your home and foundations. 

Keep an eye out for foliage growth, congregation of birds, staining, slipped roof tiles and even mould appearing inside your home. From the ground floor, repairs on your roof are hard to see and an expert eye is more likely to see issues and advise of preventative measures saving the expensive urgent repairs after the damage has occurred.

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We’ve noticed a lot of people having their roofs cleaned recently. Is this a good thing?

Moss and Lichens can grow on your roof and they will continue to grow and expand unless treated. This can cause numerous issues, the movement of tiles allowing water to enter your home, the holding of water inside and around the moss and lichen, and as we all know, water travels especially as it cannot evaporate when protected and on a pitched surface. Foliage on your roof can also cause birds to congregate and birds can cause a lot of damage to roofs. 

We do not use jet washes to clean your roof as this might send water inside your home and also dislodge your tiles, we use treatments allowing us to gently hand remove the debris and dirt on your roof, we can also then apply a treatment to assist with keeping your roof clear for an extended period of time. Whilst we carry out this work, our experienced roofers can inspect your roof and take photographs and provide any additional services that might be required.

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Is January a good time to check your gutters? What should you look for and why? 

It is always good to check your gutters, even in the Summer when there is no rain, because that is the safest time to climb a ladder. Rain simulation is easy to carry out and you should be looking out for misalignment, broken brackets, leaks and again foliage and bird or pest activity.

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Do you encourage the installation of water butts? What should people think about when they look to install a water butt in time for next summer? 

Water butts are an ideal source of fresh and natural water without any additives, but rich with nutrients to use in your garden. It can save getting out long hose pipes if installed in the right place. Rainwater is free and will reduce your water bill, reduce waste water, keeps your garden green when there is a hosepipe ban and reduces your carbon footprint. The typical water consumption of a sprinkler or a hose is 1,000 litres of water an hour, so any savings both for your pocket and the environment you can make, the better!

Do you have any top tips when it comes to gutters and roofs? 

  1. Do not think that if you can’t see it – all is good! The earlier repairs are carried out, the less damage and (hopefully) the less the repairs will cost.
  2. During rainy times people notice leaks and issues on their roof or roof-line, then, when the weather is dry, they presume the problem has disappeared. No repair can fix itself. 
  3. Only allow professionals to carry out your roofing and gutter work. Do not worry about asking for training records, an untrained workman can cause more damage leaving you to pay out a lot more money.
  4. Do not fall foul of scammers and door knockers, even if they are saying they represent a well know firm. A good company will not mind you calling and checking out their employees.
  5. Carry out your research or use personally recommended companies to ensure the work will be carried out to a high standard. Make sure if any guarantee is offered that it is agreed in writing.

For more information about the services Sam’s Gutters and Roofs provide, please visit their website: www.samsgutters.net

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