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What Is A Chartered Property Professional And How Can They Help You 

What Is A Chartered Property Professional And How Can They Help You 

When purchasing a property or even renovating a property, having professionals on hand to gain advice can be invaluable. I work with a number of property professionals and this month we caught up with Davenport Associates – a niche firm of chartered property professionals, specialising in the prime residential market, to find out how they can help you and why they work closely with me. 

Davenport Associates was founded in 2009, to provide private clients with independent advice in relation to residential property projects. The company realised that clients were somewhat exposed, since the private sector had historically lacked some of the rigour that exists in commercially driven projects. They provide bespoke Project Management and Quantity Surveying services, tailored to the individual needs of their private clients. 

Davenport Associates have a wealth of property and construction expertise which they combine with a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of their clients. Their team helps to guide clients through the process of undertaking construction projects on their homes and investment properties. They work alongside many of the leading interior design studios, architects, and specialist consultants including myself at Stone Survey. 

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When working on a property, a survey is always the first step. This enables them to fully assess a property and understand what they need to address. It is only when they have this essential information that they can see what work will need to be done, and how best to go about it. 

Steve is always quick to respond, and is highly experienced in surveying the type of prime properties that we work on, many of which are heritage buildings, and produces results quickly. He is always professional and approachable, and we thoroughly enjoy working with him,” says Ross Van Ot, Managing Director at Davenport Associates. 

“He produces clear, accessible information about properties that our clients own or are considering buying. Often a survey will sway a decision about what to do next: to buy, or not, to carry out works, and how best to do so. It is a vital starting point, and provides full disclosure which underpins the next steps,” says Ross. 

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Davenport Associates top tips when starting on a new project 

  • Find out what is possible by working with a Project Manager to review your survey in consultation with an architect, discussing design objectives, and finding out what is likely to be consented by the planning authorities.
  • Find out what is it going to cost and how long will it take, by consulting a Project Manager and Quantity Surveyor.
  • Work with a Project Manager to draw up a list of all the professionals that will be needed in the project team and consider how to assess who is right for your own project.

Davenport Associates is perfectly placed to assist with the above considerations, and they are always pleased to hear from potential clients or their representatives wishing to carry out works to their homes.

The company can also assist pre-purchase, working alongside me at Stone Survey, which can be very helpful when deciding whether to go ahead with buying a new property in the first place. 

More information about the services that Davenport Associates offer, can be found here

If you would like to discuss a property project with Davenport Associates, please visit www.davenportassociates.co.uk or call 0203 008 7794. 

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