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Should You Purchase A Property Near Electricity Pylons?

Electricity Pylons

Should You Purchase A Property Near Electricity Pylons?

As a surveyor, I always try to emphasise the critical role that location plays in the decision-making process when it comes to property purchases.

In the realm of property acquisition, the focus has shifted to concerns surrounding electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by power substations and electricity pylons. EMFs, often perceived as radiation, are invisible energy fields associated with electrical power usage and various forms of lighting, encompassing power lines, appliances, cell phones, and wireless devices.

From a surveyor’s perspective, the potential devaluation of property near power infrastructure is a noteworthy consideration. The hesitancy of homebuyers, driven by apprehensions about health risks linked to EMF exposure, can lead to diminished demand and, consequently, reduced property values.

While the World Health Organisation has reported no confirmed adverse health effects from low-level, long-term EMF exposure, some studies suggest possible links to health issues such as headaches, sleep disorders, and anxiety. As a surveyor, I must acknowledge the ongoing discourse on potential health risks associated with EMF exposure.

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Electricity Pylons and Substations

Beyond health concerns, I also recognise the impact of electricity pylons and substations on the visual aesthetics of a property. The compromised view may deter potential buyers, further influencing property demand in a negative direction.

In summary, although properties near power infrastructure may present financial advantages or strategic conveniences, I must as a surveyor also point out the perceived disadvantages, encompassing potential health risks, diminished property value, and aesthetic concerns, during the property purchase decision-making process.

Surveyors play a crucial role in this regard, ensuring that local searches conducted by solicitors and any observed presence of EMFs are communicated to potential buyers. This is essential, as buyers may not be fully aware of these potential issues when considering a property in close proximity to a substation or overhead power lines.

This insight underscores the importance of a comprehensive and informed approach to property assessments, where surveyors serve as key conduits of information, assisting buyers in making well-informed decisions about potential challenges associated with power infrastructure proximity. If you have any queries related to EMF or other property-related matters, please get in touch.

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