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Are All Estate Agents The Same?

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Are All Estate Agents The Same?

This week, I caught up with Christian Eldershaw from Ahm, otherwise known as ‘The Mindful Estate Agency,’ to find out what he does differently when it comes to selling houses. 

Christian Eldershaw has been an estate agent for 20 years, starting in Newcastle-upon-Tyne at Countrywide. He then moved to London and worked at KFH and Goldschmidt & Howland, then The Modern House. After becoming disillusioned with the fact that all agencies seem to be focused on their needs instead of their clients, he set up his own agency – Ahm. 

AHM is my attempt at redressing the imbalance and is a distillation of the best practices I have come across in my 20 years as an agent. I have a limited number of clients at any one time to ensure a high level of attention and service, I often act like a US-style realtor and sell clients’ home and also find their next one. I allow my clients to choose from three fee structures so they can pay me the way that represents the experience of working with me. And finally, I don’t use ‘for sale’ boards because they are a blight on our street landscapes.

Christian Eldershaw, Founder of Ahm. 

Working and building relationships with other professionals is crucial to business these days and Christian only recommends people he who are consistently excellence. “It can be a risk to recommend someone who was good in the past and then they don’t provide the same level of service. I rarely recommend people nowadays… except for Steve Stone. I recommend him to clients and to buyers because I know that he is pragmatic and will discuss problems with his clients rather than simply damming a property because it’s easier to,” says Christian. 

How Christian works with Stone Survey

Christian and I recently worked together for one of his clients who were selling their home in Kentish Town. He was also finding them their next home in the same area. 

“Steve did a survey for them prior to offering on what eventually became their new home. We were able to get him in before best and final offers were submitted, and he turned his report around in double quick time and spent an hour on the phone to the client from the property discussing an issue and how he saw it being resolved. Despite being the second highest bidder, the owner accepted our offer because of the due diligence we had done, and the pragmatic view Steve took on a bowed external wall which most surveyors would have condemned.”

“Steve is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and an amazing communicator. People think that they know a property, but the truth is most people know very little. Steve can communicate rather complex building and structural issues clearly and empowers his clients with the knowledge they need to make quick and decisive decisions,” says Christian.

Christian’s top tips…

  1. I would settle on a well-defined search area. Lots of people have too big a search area and the search can become unmanageable unless you’ve got a buying agent working on your behalf which few people choose to do. It can become overwhelming.
  2. Always get a proper, grown-up building survey done. I know so many people who regret not having done so for years and years down the line. 
  3. Try and focus on the fact that buying a new home should be transformative and enjoyable not one of the most difficult experiences you go through in your life.

If you would like more information about AHM or would like to enquire about Christian’s services, then please get in touch via his website

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