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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Surveyor

choosing the best surveyor

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Surveyor

You’ve found your dream house and had your offer accepted. It’s now time to make sure the biggest purchase you’ll ever make is as safe an investment as it can be. Here are our 5 tips to choosing the best surveyor, making sure the property you’re set to buy isn’t riddled with problems.

Tip 1:  Get personal recommendations from friends and colleagues

Your estate agent will, no doubt, suggest their own surveyor. Don’t feel obliged to use them. Instead, there is nothing better than a personal recommendation. You know you will receive an honest account, from how long the process took to how detailed their report was. Were they easily contactable? Helpful in sharing their knowledge? Personable?

It’s important they have local knowledge, so asking local friends / colleagues with a similar property is key. The more recommendations you receive the better. It is good to compare quotes and do check if they’re RICS regulated. It may be that the same name keeps cropping up.  

Tip 2:  Ask for samples of their work   

Once you have a shortlist, it is helpful to see samples of the different types of report the surveyor can prepare for you. From those, you can see if they use language you understand, with clear and concise descriptions of areas of concern and if they include photographs. 

Choose a surveyor that has the right experience for the type of property you are buying. Ask if they’ve done any recent surveys on similar properties in your area and if there were any issues with them. You can also ask to see reports compiled on similar properties.

Tip 3:  Online reviews / Client testimonials 

As with all trades, reviews and references are an important part of the decision-making process. You can request testimonials from previous clients and look for online reviews too. If necessary, check out a peer reviewed, third-party website to see what others think about the surveyors you’re thinking of using.

Tip 4:  Don’t go with the cheapest!

It may be tempting, but you want the surveyor to give the proper time and commitment to the inspection. There is value in experience and knowledge.

Prices can vary between £300 – £1,500, depending on the type of survey, the value, size and condition of the property, as well as its location. Remember, surveys are undertaken to spot potential red flags – damp, roof problems, subsidence etc., so spend a bit more money on the survey to possibly save thousands in the future.  

Tip 5:  What do they offer, over and above the services of other Surveyors?  

  • Will they be there to offer advice and guidance, not just turn up, have a look and send you a report?
  • Will lines of communication be fully open and no question left unanswered? 
  • Do they have the relevant knowledge and experience for the property you are buying? 
  • Will they take the time to talk you through the report?  
  • Do they give a free pen?

Depending on what you need from your survey, making the final decision may simply come down to whether or not you trust them – trust your instinct.

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