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3 Things To Check When Choosing An Estate Agent

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3 Things To Check When Choosing An Estate Agent

Selling a house can be a tricky process. It’s important to find an estate agent who understands your requirements, is efficient and that you get on. Here are three things to research when choosing an agent.

Have they a proven track record?

  • Choose an agent with a proven track record. Are they experienced in selling properties similar to yours? They should have people already on their books hunting for property like yours.  
  • Go undercover and pretend to be a potential buyer. Do they have properties currently on their books similar to yours? Have they recently sold in your area? Make a note of how they answer your questions, their knowledge of the property and how helpful they are in general. 
  • Look at properties the agent sells on Zoopla and Rightmove. Are the pictures well taken and the descriptions clear and relevant? Are lots of them marked “reduced”?
  • Compare local agents – how quickly they sell, how close to the asking price?
  • When did they last sell a property like yours? Did it achieve its asking price?
  • Research what other houses have sold for – Zoopla, Rightmove, Land Registry.
  • Are they members of an accredited independent ombudsman service? This is important.
  • Ask about their standard terms and conditions, standard commission rate and standard tie-in period.  
  • Are there any hidden costs – photographs, the putting up of ‘For Sale’ boards. 
  • Check reviews on Google or Trustpilot.

Invite three estate agents to value your property

  • Ask them to show comparable evidence they found when calculating the value and ask them to justify it. It is their job to find the best price for your property within the market. 
  • Have they demonstrated they know the local market?
  • If the property wasn’t selling, what would they do?
  • Would the agent have a dedicated person to deal with the property?
  • Will they accompany potential buyers to the property every time or just when you are out?
  • Is there a particular agent you would like to deal with?
  • Are they enthusiastic about your property? An enthusiastic agent makes a great deal of difference.
London Notting Hill property

How will they market your property? 

  • How will they market the property to make it stand out from its competitors?
  • Why do they think you should choose them?
  • How are they better / different from their competitors?
  • How will they achieve faster results?
  • Will they be proactive – chase up viewings and offers? Calling buyers on their books to say another property is on offer?
  • Will they make time to sell your property?

Most importantly, remember that the estate agent works for YOU, not the buyer. They should have your interests at heart and your relationship should be a positive one.  

If you would like any additional advice on the above, then please get in touch

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